How To Write The Ultimate Airbnb Property Description

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The right Airbnb property description will lead to higher conversions. Learn how to perfect your description with this guide. 

When it comes to marketing your property on Airbnb, nailing your property description is crucial. You have just one shot to make a lasting impression and secure bookings.

While great photos and a catchy title grab attention, it’s the description that seals the deal. Here’s how to craft the perfect Airbnb listing description that converts:

  1. Show Your Personality: Let your unique personality shine through your description. Be quirky, fun, or friendly, and build trust with your audience.
  2. Tell Them A Story: Use the power of storytelling to help guests envision their stay at your property. Paint a picture of a grand adventure or a cozy retreat.
  3. Devil In The Details: Focus on small, important details that matter to guests, like a sunbathing balcony or extra bathrooms. Incorporate vital keywords for improved Airbnb SEO.
  4. Find Your USP: Highlight your property’s Unique Selling Points, whether it’s a stunning bathroom, incredible views, or a fantastic location near great dining options.
  5. Preemptively Answer Any Questions: Anticipate and answer common guest queries honestly in your description. This builds trust and avoids potential issues down the line.
  6. Don’t Stretch It Too Far: Keep your description concise and to the point. Highlight key features and use creative language to engage readers.
  7. Include A Call To Action (CTA): Don’t forget to add a CTA to guide potential guests on what to do next. Whether it’s booking now due to limited availability or discussing pricing, make it easy for them to take the next step.

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