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Know an Airbnb Property Owner?

Refer a friend, Earn $500

Know anyone looking to get into short-term rental ownership?

Make $500 by introducing us to a new client.

Why homeowners choose Mydeerhome

Professional Team

We maximise your property’s exposure and bookings with professional photography, copywriting and price optimisation.

Higher Earnings

We have consistently outperformed the market and delivered superior rental yields to our homeowners across Australia.

Sit back & Relax

Our Owner Dashboard provides a simple overview of your property’s day-to-day performance. You can sit back & relax.

How does the referral program work?

  • Step 1: You tell someone who runs a short-term rental or wants to list their lovely property on Airbnb
  • Step 2: You pass their details onto Mydeerhome via the form below, and we contact them directly.
  • Step 3: For every successful referral of an eligible property, you will receive a reward payment or gift card.

Refer Us & Earn


Most frequent questions and answers

No, you do not need to be a current Mydeerhome client to participate in our referral program. Anyone can refer their friends, family, or colleagues to our short-term rental property management services and earn rewards for successful referrals. So, spread the word and start earning today!

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, but only new contacts that come from you can be considered.

To participate in the Mydeerhome referral program, complete the referral form above with your friend’s information. We will contact your friend to discuss our short-term rental property management services. You will be eligible for a referral reward once your friend signs a contract and successfully lists the property.

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